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Bachelor of Missiology

The bachelor program at Remnant University is designed for students who do not anticipate seminary or graduate work but view their preparation here as the termination of formal studies. However, it also is helpful for students to be prepared for further study in seminary or graduate school that the student is given opportunity to take advanced language courses usually required in seminary courses. At present time Remnant University provides Bachelor of Missiology (B.Miss.) program.

B.Miss. Program, which is designed to cultivate specialized evangelism missionaries, both who are willing to be ordained in the future and who are willing to serve as un-ordained (lay-person) ministers. This program allows students to have proper concept of mission, not only for the foreign countries but also for the field that they are living in. The very place where a Christian dwells is the mission field commissioned by God! This understanding of missional theology is the core concept of the missiology studies in Remnant University. This program educates future missionaries to understand cross-cultural community, true biblical mission and evangelism and helps to possess spirituality, emotionality, stamina, good financial management, and leadership.

The main goal of this program is to help students possess the gospel-oriented outlook of the world, discover disciples in the entire world and amongst multiethnic groups by applying the evangelism theology in the field, and train the international pastoral ministers, missionaries, and layperson professional missionaries who possess the skills and contents worth training.

• Program Requirements

The following academic requirements apply to B.Miss. program:
1. Twelve credit hours during a semester, or three credit hours during the winter term, is the minimum program for a full-time student. Students wishing to take more credits may do so according to the semester overload policy which states the student must have a 3.0 GPA to take more than 18 credits per semester and have the approval of the Academic Dean.
2. No student will be granted a degree whose cumulative academic average at the completion of the program is lower than 2.0. The degree shall be granted only to persons enrolled at Remnant University at the time of the completion of their program of study. A student who has completed requirements by the end of the winter term of the year of graduation may receive the degree in absentia
3. The complete number of units is 123 semester units (3 credits of Summative Evaluation Exam included). This program includes required original biblical language courses, Greek and Hebrew. There are two classes (equivalent to 6 credits) for each language. In order to complete these biblical languages a student is required to take summer Greek and winter Hebrew classes.
4. International students must be full-time each semester.
5. See details of academic requirements regarding Registration and Attendance, Withdrawal/ Reinstatement, and Academic Standing on this catalogue.

• Summative Evaluation Exam

To provide students in bachelor of missiology program with an opportunity to review and draw into a comprehensive unity the material of the different courses in the curriculum, there will be a concluding examination that allows for a summative evaluation of the student’s total program. This will involve an “open book” take-home examination to be completed within 48 hours in the spring semester of a student’s final year. Students finishing their course work by the end of December or January, prior to May graduation, will take the exam in the fall semester.
The examination will usually involve FOUR questions, ONE in biblical studies (New Testament, Old Testament), ONE in theological studies (Systematic Theology, Church History), and TWO in missiological studies. The examination must be typed (double-spaced) and each question answered separately in two to four pages. The examinations will be distributed on Wednesday of the tenth week of the spring or fall semester and are to be returned by the end of the two days (5:00 p.m. on Friday of the tenth week). Note that late submissions will result in a failure.
This summative examination will count for three semester hour of credit. It will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. If a student should fail, a petition for a retake examination within a three-week period may be considered. The questions of the summative examination aim at giving students the opportunity to demonstrate that they can apply the knowledge acquired in the B.Miss. programs. Research will not be necessary for answering these questions. Rather, the questions will be designed to allow the student to draw upon the course work here. Given that it is an “open book” examination, students may make use of any research materials that they see fit.

• Program Length and Time Limit

The B.Miss. degree is designed as a four-year program. If no credits are transferred from another institution, four years of full-time study is the minimum amount of time it will take to complete the degree. Students who are taking courses on a part-time basis due to employment or other reasons should adjust their course work plans and extend their program length accordingly. The Registrar and Dean of Students are available for counsel concerning individual student needs.
The maximum time limit to complete the B.Miss. degree is 8 years (not including any leave of absence or withdrawal period). Courses taken more than eight years prior to the completion of this degree may be credited toward the degree only by specific faculty approval. Such approval may include instructions for re-examination or additional study. Petitions for an extension due to unusual circumstances or hardship must be granted by the Faculty Committee of Three.


B.Miss. students enrolled in Remnant University are required to participate in Christian service ministries for each academic semester specified in the program of study. Students are encouraged to choose a variety of ministries to obtain a broad background of experience and to discern the areas of their special capabilities.

• Degree Plan

In order to graduate B.Miss. students must meet the requirements specified at the table below. Every bachelor class provided at Remnant University is described under the categories. (More courses may be added in the future for providing students more options to choose according to their interests.) At the last semester a student must take Summative Evaluation Exam

• Course Requirements : 123 credits

General Education Courses : 36 credits
Biblical Studies
New Testament : 12 credits
Old Testament : 12 credits
Theological Studies
Systematic Theology : 13 credits
Church History: 6 credits
Mission & Christian Ministries : 30 credits
Elective : 3 credits
Summative Evaluation Exam : 3 credits

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