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Faculty (professor) of Remnant University must not only be highly qualified in academics and instructional methodologies, but they also must be excellent spiritual and moral examples to our students for the glory of God. Every board, administrator, staff and faculty member must sign the Statement of Belief and Doctrinal Position, Philosophy of Education, and distinctive principles of Remnant University.

Our faculty (professors) rests firmly upon the integrity and inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures and, therefore, wholeheartedly accepts the great basic doctrines of the historic Protestant Christian faith and the Westminster Confession.Therefore all faculty members of Remnant University will maintain its theological position. In addition to the General Regulation of the University, Remnant University will do its best to develop academic qualities of the faculty members in order to provide students with the best academic opportunities. Now Remnant University is in developing process of academic qualities of the faculty members with these academic standards:

1. All of the professors of graduate students will be those who have degrees such as the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min. or D.Miss.), and Doctor of Theology(Th.D.) or Ph.D. degree, after receiving the Master of Theology (Th.M.) and M.Div. or MA degree in accordance to their major field of study.

2. Now all of the professors of undergraduate students are those who have at least Master’s level of degrees in accordance to their major field of study, but these will be also gradually replaced with the professors holding doctoral degrees.

Main Professors

• Director of the M.Div. Program

Kim, Churl Yeon, D. R. E.
Practical Theology; Missiology
Faith Theological Seminary (D.R.E.)
General Assembly Theological Seminary (M.Div.)

• Director of the M.Miss. Program

Jang, Hui Myung, Ph.D.
California Graduate School of Theology (Ph.D.)
California Graduate School of Theology (M.Miss.)

• Director of the B.Miss. Program

Kim, Seoung Yeal, Th.M.
Azusa Pacific University (M.D.)

• Director of the General Education

Lim, Jae, Ph.D.
General Education
Pusan National University (Ph.D.)
Pusan National University (M.A.)

Visiting Professors

• Professor of Practical Theology

Choi, Myung Shin, D. Min.
Reformed Theological Seminary (D. Min)
CRiswell College (M.A.) 
Korean University (B.S.)

Ahn, Sung-Ill, D.Min.(Can.)
Remnant University (D.Min.)(Equiv.)(Can.)
General Assembly Theological Seminary (B.A.)

Song, Minkyu, D.Min.(Can.)
Remnant University (D.Min.)(Equiv.)(Can.)
Remnant Theological Seminary (M.Div.)(Equiv.) 

Park, Dusun, M.A. 
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (M.A.)
Remnant Theological Seminary (M.Div.)(Equiv.)

• Professor of Old Testament Studies

Kim, Hyung-Joon, M.Div.
Remnant University (M.Div.)
Talbot Theological Seminary (M.A. Course)
Gun-Kook University (B.A.)

• Professor of New Testament Studies

Kim, Il-Kwon, M.Div.
Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Go-Shin University (B.A.)

• Professor of Systematic Theology

Choi, Shin Kwang, M. Th.
Calvin Theological Seminary (Th.M.)
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
General Assembly Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Korean University (B.A.)

Park, Se Kwang, M.Div.
Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Remnant Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Kyungpook National University (B.A.)

• Professor of Historical Theology

Jung, Yondo, M.Div.
Remnant University (M.Div.)
Yonsei University (B.A.)

• Professor of Christian Education
Lee, Dong-Cheol, Th. M.
Reformed Theological Seminary (Th.M.)
Chong-Shin Theological Seminary (M.Div.)
Chong-Shin Graduate School (M.C.E.)
Chong-Shin College (B.A.)

• Professor of General Education

Kim, Sojung, M.M.
The Catholic University of America (M.M.)
Anyang University (B.A.)

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