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At the door of pursuing your studies at ‘Remnant University’,

Although there are many seminaries and universities in the United States of America, there are important reasons for Remnant University to open its door in the start of your scholarly pursuits:

1. In the United States, we desire to research evangelism training, its contents, and the lives of evangelists from all over the world. Pastors and missionaries who do not adequately understand evangelism face great hardships throughout their lives, and even if they achieve temporary success it cannot continue to become true success.

 1) Relaying God’s true will
 2) What is biblical evangelism
 3) The reason to evangelize
 4) The contents of evangelism
 5) The Biblical method of evangelism
 6) The blessings believers receive
 7) The discipleship training with the correct understanding of evangelism

Once such things are established, prayer can correctly take place.

2. Collection of Information

 1) Information and materials from the start of the Darakbang Evangelism Movement and all forthcoming data and informative materials must be collected together.
 2) By gathering the evangelism achievements and the research data of lay people, evangelists and pastoral ministers, we will provide the necessary materials, to be contributed for God’s purpose in the churches of the world.

3. Heritage for Future Generations

 1) We will relay the accurate Gospel to the next generations to help them succeed in this world according to the Bible and open up the correct Remnant Movement.
 2) By teaching future generations about the gospel-centered standards of living, they will not only make preparation for their own lifestyles, but also for world evangelization.

Remnant University is seeking talented individuals now.

I sincerely pray for those who know the reason and possess God’s vision to participate.

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