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New Testament Introduction Class Instructor (2013 Fall Semester)



Ph.D. degree major in the New Testament studies, Reformed theological background and bilingual (Korean and English) is preferable.

Ability to effectively teach college-level New Testament courses, with a commitment to providing excellence in education,

including the ability to present course teachings in such a way that students are encouraged to develop critical thinking

and problem-solving skills, to increase motivation, to develop a positive self-image, and to clarify their values.

Computer skill proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel software.

Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse population and adapt to change.



Class Description:

This course is to provide students with the historical and literary framework requisite for responsible New Testament interpretation.

Topics covered include introductory matters that apply to the New Testament as a whole: historical and linguistic background,

inscripturation and canon formation, textual transmission and criticism. The general approach to these issues is historical,

but with an underlying concern for the theological dimensions of each.



Must provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States.


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