Remnant University

Address of the Chancellor

We welcome everyone, in the name of Lord, who has a deep interest in Remnant University.

Remnant University, since its founding in 1997, was founded upon the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord by establishing a theological institution that emphasizes evangelism and produces Christian leaders to save the age.

Remnant University bases its teachings of biblical evangelism upon the account of the Early Church in the book of Acts who gathered in Mark’s upper room 2,000 years ago. Just as this small number of those who are weak had eventually changed the Roman Empire through the power of the life giving gospel message, Remnant University seeks to nurture and commission biblical evangelism disciples to change the world.

As the new president of Remnant University, while embracing the vision of founding president Reverend Kwang Su Ryu, I will keep trying to enhance Remnant University academically and spiritually in order to take its place as one of the most prominent and reputable higher educational institutions that many people would hope to attend. I pray that through our programs many Christian leaders will arise to reform the culture, and that all Remnant University graduates will rise to become influential enough to serve the churches and save an entire nation. I sincerely request your active prayers and supports for Remnant University to have a pivotal role in carrying out this historical Commission in this age.

I invite all of you to join our programs and we would be honored to help prepare you to be shaped and matured as faithful servants of our Lord Jesus Christ for the Kingdom of God.

Soli Deo Gloria!

The Chancellor

Dr. Chung, Eun Ju