Remnant University
성경적 전도 신학의 전당

Remnant University

Remnant University is a center for world evangelization which aims to educate and dispatch leaders fit to lead the Twenty-first Century to all fields throughout the world by providing professional education based on the exact and accurate Word of God and the traditional conservative theology of the Reformed Church

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Based upon the Woard of God and the reformed authentic conservative theology, Remnant University is dedicated to producing future leaders who will save God’s churches, multi-ethnic groups in the fields, church lay-leaders, and next generation.

Non-Degree Program 비학위 프로그램

– Evangelism Disciples Course
(전도 제자반
– Female Assistant Pastor Course

RU Programs in a time of Pandamic

Degree Program 학위 프로그램

– Master of Divinity (목회학 석사 과정)

– Master of Missiology (선교학 석사 과정)

– Bachelor of Missiology

    (선교학 학사 과정)