Remnant University

Master of Divinity Program

Beginning the Program

In order to finish the program in three years, it is strongly recommended for the students entering the program to begin their work with the summer term Greek course unless they previously have completed the equivalent work in the Greek language. Greek and Hebrew courses are prerequisites for the other classes of NT and OT that the students are preferably expected to complete all these language courses in the first year of the program.

Program Requirements

The following academic requirements apply to M.Div. program:

1. Ten credit hours during a semester, or three credit hours during the winter term, is the minimum program for a full-time student. No student may take more than 20 credit hours during a semester without the permission of the faculty.

2. No student will be granted a degree who lacks the equivalent of the courses in the original languages of Scripture, or whose cumulative academic average at the completion of the program is lower than 2.0. The degree shall be granted only to persons enrolled at Remnant University at the time of the completion of their program of study. A student who has completed requirements by the end of the winter term of the year of graduation may receive the degree in absentia.

1) Thesis Masters Program : The complete number of units is 96 semester units (6 dissertation units included). This program includes required original biblical language courses, Greek and Hebrew. There are two classes (equivalent to 6 credits) for each language. A student must present a dissertation and defend it before the committee, which is comprised of the student’s advisor, leader, chairman of the department,and two faculty members from different departments.

2) Non-Thesis Masters Program : The complete number of units is 102 semester units. This program requires 12 more semester units to complete Masters Program.

4. International students must be full-time each semester. International students should always allow three years including first year summer Greek class to complete a M. Div. due to Greek and Hebrew requirements.

5. See academic requirements regarding Registration and Attendance, Withdrawal/Reinstatement, and Academic Standing on the catalogue.

Program Length and Time Limit

The M.Div. degree is designed as a three-year program. If no credits are transferred from another institution, three years of full-time study is the minimum amount of time it will take to complete the degree. Unless a student is granted advanced placement based on the results of the Greek or Hebrew placement exams, the student must begin with the summer term and complete the courses in sequence as noted on

Students who are taking courses on a part-time basis due to employment or other reasons should adjust their course work plans and extend their program length accordingly. The Registrar and Dean of Students are available for counsel concerning individual student needs.
The maximum time limit to complete the M.Div. degree is 10 years (including any leave of absence or withdrawal period). Petitions for an extension due to unusual circumstances or hardship must be granted by the Faculty Committee of Three.