Remnant University

Mission Statement

The mission of Remnant University is to glorify God by preparing individuals as godly servant-leaders for the world evangelization and the Remnant movement (raising up the next generation and the posterity for the world evangelization) through academic and practical instruction of the Scriptures, reformed theology and biblical ministry.

Core Values

In fulfillment of its mission, Remnant University values


1.    Biblical Authority (“…instruction of the Scripture…biblical…”).

Remnant University is committed to demonstrating and declaring the inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency of the Scriptures.

2.    Academic Excellence (“…academic…instruction”).

Remnant University is committed to offering the highest quality programs for educating and strengthening students for the advancement of God’s program.

3.    Practical Effectiveness (“…practical…”).

Remnant University is committed to offering the living practical instruction for helping the students to apply and utilize their learning directly in their actual field.

4.    Personal Godliness (“…as godly…”).

Remnant University is committed to exemplifying that life is to be lived before a holy God, for His glory and His honor.

5.    Servant-Leadership (“…preparing individuals as godly, servant-leaders…”).

Remnant University is committed to preparing students for effective Christian leaders, both pastors and layperson leaders, who will serve the church and save the world.

6.    Reformed Heritage (“…reformed theology…”).

Remnant University is committed to upholding the reformed tradition.

7.    Great Commission (“…world evangelization…biblical ministry…”).

Remnant University is committed to making evangelism disciples for world evangelization to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by biblical evangelism training.