Remnant University


General Requirements for Admission

1. Credentials

In order to be admitted to registration as a regular student in Remnant University (for all degree programs), the applicant must present the following credentials to the Director of Admissions, Remnant University, 1424 Cavender Dr. Hurst, TX 76053.

(1) A completed application

a. Master Program: a completed application on a form supplied by the Office of Admissions (available online at including a statement of personal conversion and of Christian experience and service.

This application form includes :

(a) applicant’s agreement with the doctrinal position of Remnant University, as found in the doctrinal statement of this catalog,

(b) applicant’s pledge to abide cheerfully by the spirit and standards of the University.

b. Bachelor Program: a completed Universal College Application form supplied by the Office of Admissions (available online at
and Remnant University supplementary application forms concerning personal statement, agreement of doctrinal position of Remnant University and pledge on Code of Conduct.

(2) A non-refundable application fee
A late fee is added for applications received after the deadlines indicated.

(3) A Church reference on a form supplied by the Office of Admissions (available online at from the minister or session of the church of which the applicant is a member, or from another source approved by the Director of Admissions.

(4) An academic reference

a. Master Program An academic reference on a form supplied by the Office of Admissions (available online at from a college professor under whose guidance the applicant has pursued studies, or from another source approved by the Director of Admissions.

b. Bachelor Program: Two teacher reports on a form supplied by the Common Application for undergraduate college admission (available online at

(5) Official transcript(s)

a. Master Program
A full official transcript(s) of the applicant’s undergraduate and graduate-level work. If more than one institution was attended, there should be a transcript from each school in which the student took 12 credits or more. (An official transcript is one that is sent directly from the institution in a sealed envelope. If it is opened before it reaches the Office of Admissions, it then becomes unofficial.) If the transcript does not show the completion of a baccalaureate degree at the time of application, a final transcript must be submitted before final admission can be granted. An applicant previously registered at Remnant University may use the official transcripts provided in his or her previous application, as long as the applicant graduated within the last five years.
The transcript must show the attainment of a baccalaureate degree. The grades attained shall give promise that the applicant can pursue courses in the University satisfactorily. The transcript should show the broad and comprehensive education essential to theological studies. While it is not possible to prescribe one pattern as normative for all pre-education, a degree of mastery is recommended in the following areas: English; history; philosophy; natural sciences; social sciences; ancient, classical, and modern foreign languages; and Bible.

b. Bachelor Program
The applicant needs to submit the Secondary School Report (Common Application), two Teacher Evaluations, and Mid-Year School Report for those who do not graduate yet (not required of students who have already graduated). All these forms are included in the application package and also downloadable on

(6) All applicants whose native language is not English, or for whom English was not the language of instruction from the primary grades (regardless of U.S. citizenship or residency), must take the TOEFL and TWE. TOEFL paper score should be over 500 (CBT 173; IBT 61) and TWE over 4.0. International applicants should also see the International Students section. 

(7) Additional Recommendation (or Requirement)
Remnant University will examine the credentials with a view to ascertain whether the applicant is of good moral character and is of serious purpose. When possible, a personal interview with the Director of Admissions is recommended (or sometimes requested) with regard to personal, academic, and spiritual qualifications for advanced biblical study and for the ministry of the gospel.